360social, a new browser extension that offers unlimited social profiles

360social is a platform for discovering and contacting people, has launched a Chrome extension which allows you to look-up a person’s publicly available information with virtually no effort. To get started, all you need to do is install the extension from the Chrome Web Store. In order to use it, you just need to browse the Web as you would normally do, with the only difference being that when you visit sites that support the 360social tool, its little icon will show up in line with results. All you need to do is move your mouse over it and the Chrome sidebar will pop up revealing more information about the person. So, you can quickly see what someone looks like, where they are based, what they do, and where they are active online, without navigating away from what you were doing before.

360social is a browser plug-in that shows the social footprint of all profiles of every social media platform. The plug-in works on the whole web and covers over 200 popular social networks. 360social, founded and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, shows you everything about everyone. It allows marketeers, recruiters and sales professionals to receive unlimited social data in a neatly structured sidebar without having to leave the site one’s currently on. By simply hovering over any social link or e-mail address, 360social shows a complete profile, with real time updated and 100% verified information, including contact information, picture, brief bio and social links.

When browsing the web, 360social will automatically display a small icon whenever the client hovers over an e-mail address, Twitter handle or link to a social profile, resulting in a complete personal social profile of the person our client is interested in.

360social enables professionally online connection between people in a simple, fast and efficient way. Simply download the Chrome extension.

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Download PDF
About 360Social

Want more information about someone you have found online? 360social puts it at your fingertips. Just hover over a name, email, or social handle and you'll get a quick bio as long as you have the extension installed.